Ortak Küme

Ortak Küme, formed by the Izmir-based art initiatives Hayy Open Space, KartonKitap, Monitor, NomadMind, is an association that focuses on the art publications of these non-profit organizations that carry out exhibition interviews, workshops and screenings, research projects.

Hayy Open Space, a non-profit independent art space located in Piyaleoğlu Han in Kemeraltı, Izmir, focuses on contemporary art, art publishing, and exhibits, performances, workshops, speaking, reading, listening in different disciplines and collective thinking and producing practices. organizes events. Not for consumption; not producing, not telling; It aims to open a space for listening and experiencing. It creates an environment where creative minds, collectives, initiatives and producers, who carry out their production in cities that are supposed to be outside the center of culture and art, come together. It has an intermediary structure that brings together people who are interested in different subjects such as visual arts, architecture, literature, cinema, literature, criticism, artist rights and plant science to share their knowledge and experience.

KartonKitap (KK) is an independent artist book initiative founded in 2014 by N. Toros Mutlu and Umut Altıntaş with the aim of achieving and producing “the idea of ​​a good book”.

Izmir-based non-profit contemporary art platform Monitor focuses on video and film screenings, performances and talks. Monitor does not have a fixed space and organizes contemporary art- oriented displays in collaboration with existing art venues and alternative exhibition spaces. Monitor brings together two artists from Turkey and abroad within a specific concept in each exhibition. Monitor aims to reach anyone interested in art and collaborates with Izmir-based artists, students, academicians, non-governmental organizations and universities. The purpose of this project is to create a display and discussion area in the field of contemporary art through collaborations in Izmir. Monitor also aims to bring innovations to the city in a conceptual and aesthetic sense by creating a formation apart from the ongoing structures and systems.

Shaped in 2013, a platform inviting people and organisations from various fields of art and design to produce together, NomadMind investigates and argues under its roof the conditions, spaces and forms where the production process emerges and organises different works and events for this “emergence”. Although the executive work of NomadMind is led by the core team as Çiçek Ş. Tezer and Emre Yıldız, people working on different field and themes are being included to the team, this way the variety for quantity and quality is called for. The platform focuses on to realise its works on design and art disciplines; but on this context it is very challenging and sometimes meaningless to draw lines for the borders of the art and design disciplines and products. NomadMind chases these uncertainties, concepts and hardly defined uncanny spaces. The team is motivated mostly by the possibility of creating unclassified and unidentified contents within the highly sharp academic disciplines.