Komünitas – İzmir Cooperation of Independent Performance and Culture Studies


Komünitas – İzmir Cooperation of Independent Performance and Culture Studies project, realized under coordination of Acik Studyo with the cooperation of Ben J. Riepe / FREIRAUM, Fatih Gençkal, Hayy Open Space, Karantina Initiative, NomadMind Design and Art Practices Association, Sevcan Sönmez, Tiyatro 4, with the solution partnership of Iyibirsey Advertisement & Production, contributions in kind of K2 Contemporary Art Center, PURESPACE initiative and financial support of Spaces of Culture.

The initial focus of Komünitas is to define an interdisciplinary and international commonground for cooperation in cultural management on an organizational, legal and financial level based in İzmir. This investigation is realized with the participation of artists, culture, arts and civil society professionals and academicians in the light of their past and recent experience.

Activities for the October-November period will be in the form of presentations, seminars, workshops and talks taking place online due to current circumstances, between the dates 17th Oct.-29th Nov. 2020. The data collected through these activities will be shared in a report in the form of an e-book and appropriate recordings will be archived in podcast and vodcast form as well as a documentary video. In parallel to this process, an online creation will be undertaken by artists Deniz Güngören, İlyas Odman, Rafet Arslan, Sevcan Sönmez and Su Güzey to be shared online.


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