What are we looking for?

What are we looking for?

Sercan Apaydın & Dilruba Balak,  Sadi Tekin


Hayy Open Space hosted artists Sadi Tekin, Dilruba Balak and Sercan Apaydın between July and September. Exhibition “What are we looking for?” including videos, paintings, drawings, illustrations and installation that are the outputs of the process will be at Hayy Open Space from 26 September to 12 October.


SERCAN APAYDIN (İzmir, 1983)

Sercan, painting practice after the license process, V e d u t a is described as; Started by painting the sights of the city. In this respect, he had two solo exhibitions ’Deep Space (2015)’ and ‘From the Owner (2017).

With his installation ‘internal design (2018) fen, which he created with reference to the importance of artist identity, workshop practices and craft sense, he wanted to open up the issue of being obliged to be in a space or, in a more positive way, his responsibility. From this point of view, with a negative immigration experience with Dilruba Balak; They held a workshop exhibition ‘deal with it’ in Vienna. They continue to live together in what they call a dealing on artist life, the struggle to survive, and most importantly the challenges and transitions in art practice.


DİLRUBA BALAK (Istanbul, 1988)

Dilruba, graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Communication Sciences. Attended exchange program and studied Visual Communication Design at UPV Universitat Politècnica de València University. He had to leave his studies at the Universitat Die Angewandte Kunst Wien Fine Arts Faculty, which he wanted to continue his higher education, among the fascist state policies of the time. Inspired by life itself in artistic production, he makes use of the materials du presented ın by the spaces in which he lives. He works mainly on collage, painting and video. Following a workshop exhibition titled “deal with it” with Sercan Apaydın, inspired by a negative migration experience and a bureaucratic sentence, the artist experienced a life of, dealing on the challenges of life, the struggle to survive, and most importantly, the difficulties and phases in art practice. They continue working together.



Sadi Tekin graduated from Industrial Design at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts. He drew cartoons, designed products, made illustrations. Pick Me! Acrylic under the brand name, Mr. chickpea made from white chickpea men. In 2012 he moved to New York; there he created the “Monsters of New York” in New York, he is still experimenting with illustration and pencil / watercolor techniques, drinking coffee, drawing cats and other things on napkins.



We would like to thank SAHA, Darağaç and Ayşegül Doğan, Versus Gallery and our neighbours atPiyaleoğlu Han for their support.