Cracking the Door Open



The KONSERVE network, which was implemented jointly by the KARANTINA collective from Izmir and Meeting Points from Sofia in 2020, in order to bring visibility to the intangible rural cultural heritage elements through art, operates as an international network that includes organizations that follow creative and participatory methods. The network, which currently allows more than thirty independent organizations from eleven countries to interact and share experience, continues to expand with new participations in 2022.

The program, which hosted thirteen artists from Turkey during the three-week residency programs organized by the Teos Culture and Art Association in five villages in Izmir, Çanakkale and Bursa between May – July 2022, produced fourteen works of art in various disciplines inspired by rural cultural heritage elements belonging to the project process in two cities. together with its documentation materials, curated by Ezgi Yakin, the organization of the KARANTINA collective brings it together with its audience.

“Creating clarity between two things, that is, introducing a topic and initiating a hopeful communication for the progress of that topic, is a painstaking undertaking. This effort of acquaintance and intimacy prioritizes kindness and authenticity. “Cracking the Door Open” describes the spaces created by a relationship from the inside to the outside or from the outside to the inside at the place where you go as a guest. The exhibition, which arises from the experiences of the artists who have experienced living together for twenty-one days in İzmir, Çanakkale and Bursa, is motivated by practices based on experience, research and dialogue with an aesthetic approach and sensitivity, rather than following the scientific methods suggested by various disciplines such as field research. . The way to avoid stereotypical information about the countryside is only possible by establishing appropriate personal contexts. For this reason, it is necessary to remember that the results obtained when looking at the layered structure of the cultural move through the ‘openings’ that focus on relationality, rather than being an object of direct knowledge or an authentic cultural object. This journey and hospitality process reveals different ways of making sense of the space.” (Ezgi YAKIN)


Hayy Open Space, 11 – 25 November 2022, 18.30 (İzmir)

Nilüfer Municipality – Nazım Hikmet Culture House, 2 – 25 December 2022, 18.30 (Bursa)


Barış B. Atal, Emre Evcimen, Özgür Demirci, Ezgi Yakin, Sarp Keskiner, Esra Okyay (Izmir)

Derya Gozukizil (Mersin)

Halim Yazici (Mugla)

Mahmut Gültekin, Gift Yaşar, Devrim Demir (Diyarbakır)

Seda Gokce, Idil Acim, Umut Sevgul (Istanbul)

Inan May Aru (Izmir – Canakkale)



QUARANTINE initiative, A Room of One’s Own Initiative, Atelier Trial Art and Ecology Association, Open Studio, Yellow Submarine Art Initiative, Hayy Open Space (İzmir)

Metal Collective, Amidart Culture and Art Group (Diyarbakır)

Nedircik Publications, Çamtepe Ecological Life Center, Saye Collective (Çanakkale)

Carbon Collective (Mersin)

JazzCat (Mugla)

Nilüfer Municipality (Bursa)

Meeting Points, Ideas Factory (Sofia)


“KONSERVE: Inter-City Artist Exchange and Visitor Program Network” is funded by CultureCIVIC: Culture and Art Support Program, a European Union project.