don’t get used to despair

Last December, we decided to have a break at Hayy for a while to evaluate what we did in the past year, and take a breath, and we planned our first event to take place in April. We were planning to host BAS Collection, a project by Galeri Nev Ankara, Medyartiz, and a project curated by Merve Ünsal. We maybe even hosted Manifold at Hayy. We have been stopped like everyone since March. Now we wait with acceptance and curiosity, without being uncomfortable with the uncertainty ahead…

In this agenda, once again, we once again understand our existence, our future, how we can and should act together, exchange ideas about the solution and the process as all art workers and independent art initiatives/spaces.

Hope to see you again soon, meet, talk and to drink the tea of our neighbour Naciye in our garden.