Tissue_Lab 0.2

Hayy Open Space hosts the Tissue_Lab project by Ali Kanal and Dilay Koçoğulları. Accompanying the project, the exhibition titled Tissue_Lab 2.0 will meet with the audience from 7 May.

Tissue_Lab, a project carried out by Ali Kanal and Dilay Kocogullari, focuses on a specific place, investigates the biodiversity of that region, and aims to open new exploration areas by following the traces of the biome. Tissue_Lab forms its structure by hybridizing the individual production practices of both artists. The project is materialized by articulating the exploratory production practice that consists of found objects collected from Ali Kanal’s abandoned projects, and the experimental production practice of Dilay Kocogullari, which consists of microscopic examinations obtained in the laboratory-based on the micro/macro cosmos relationship. Ali’s field of research focuses on the outside world, often tracking down the biome with his primal instincts. On the other hand, Dilay’s research process in the laboratory area takes place in a completely sterile field within the framework of a certain scientific doctrine and determines the boundaries of the new biome that will be discovered. Instead of perceiving the exterior and interior works of the two artists as a contrast, the exhibition is designed to preserve the interior and exterior balance and to complement each other with this balance. 

The laboratory space created in Hayy Open Space carries out a biological-based research by focusing on the Piyaleoğlu Inn, in which the space is located. A portrait of a woman who is assumed to have lived in the place before was constructed by following the vital traces collected from the inn’s surroundings, inner garden and interior. On the ground floor, which was designed as a laboratory area, there is a research consisting of found X-ray images. It is a research open to participation and it is aimed to make a physiological identification of women through x-ray films. In the upper floor, some objects, photographs and texts assumed to belong to the woman, and the relationship between the bacteria collected from the Piyaleoğlu Inn and the process of change meet with the audience. 

You can visit this exhibition during the research process of the “Tissue_Lab” project at Hayy Open Space, between 7th-20th of May 2022, on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays between 3pm- 6pm.