About Us

Photo: Studio Majo

Hayy Open Space

Hayy Open Space is an independent nonprofit art space in the Piyaleoğlu Inn in Kemeraltı, İzmir.

Taking contemporary art as its main focus, Hayy organizes exhibitions, performances, workshops,talks and readings concentrating on a practice of collective thinking and creating within different disciplines. Aiming to create a space for creation, not consumption and for listening and experiencing rather than lecturing.

Hayy imagines a space where constructive minds, collectives, initiatives and creators existing in cities thought to be outside of the art and culture centers can come together. Its structure is one that can house various subjects, such as visual art, architecture, literature, film, writing, critique, artists rights and botany, and those who are interested in these subjects and those who want to share their knowledge. Hayy is motivated by connection and communal creation.

Hayy Open Space is undisciplined space, open to all disciplines that touch upon art and sharing.