Art Initiatives and Collectives in Turkey

Updated 23.04.2021

This is a list of the non-registered or registered -sometime after starting- organisations, existing or have existed; initiatives, collectives, non-profit spaces, artist-run spaces, research collectives and more between 1996-2021 in Turkey.

Some are not active anymore, some announced their end, some are just on a float in creative environments with uncertainty.

Space Experience Talk at Hayy Open Space in collaboration with Nomad Mind & KABO

We interviewed some of them.* According to interviews we’ve done; most of the collectives are started with the friendship between the members. While the members of most of them are artists, especially after 2010 other art professionals, actors become the member of the organisations. They don’t have specific roles defined, however mostly art and culture managers are taking the role of applying funds, communication and management of the space while artists are more responsible from the creative and productional part of their program. Finance is a big problem for most of the non-registered organisations. While some of them apply for international funds and grants, most of them self-financed, some organises solidarity/support events some does very few sales.

The longest existed two Hafriyat and Apartment Project. Hafriyat started in 1996 and ended in 2011, founded by artists. In the last years of the collective, an art manager joined the group. They had a space in between 2007-2011 (reference: “Bir ihtimal daha var” exhibition and talk series at Kasa Gallery, Feb. 2018). As an artist initiative Apartment Project started in 1999 in Istanbul and now continues in Berlin. (

This list is created with the support of several previous pieces of research and interviews. Thanks to all the non-registered organisation that we have met and researchers-curators Nursaç Sargon, Zeynep Okyay, Emre Yıldız (Nomad Mind & KABO), Kasa Gallery (Derya Yücel, Elif Sitare) for sharing their knowledge and research with us.  The list is open to improve by users and mentioned organisations.

Please send an email to to correct the information or for additions to the list.

How it’s classified:

– City

– Focus

– Space

In Alphabetical Order…

Torun, 2014 (instagram : @_torun_ )


Bubirkitschenetkinliğidir (2010-… collective artist group-Ankara-mobile-project based)

Kova (2017-… Visual Arts- Design- Ankara-space)

Pelesiyer (2012-… Collective Artist Group- Visual Arts-Ankara-mobile-project based)

Suimasen (2018-… Publications-Ankara-project based)

Torun (2014-… Visual Arts- Publication- Ankara-space)

Yaygara Güncel Sanat İnisiyatifi (2006-… Visual Arts-Ankara-project based)



Are Project (2019-…,Visual arts- Antalya-space)


Mahal (2017-… Visual arts- Çanakkale-space)

Sub (2017-… Intercultural structuring and a space-Çanakkale-space)


A4 (2018-… Open Studio-Diyarbakır-space)

Loading Art Space (2017-… Talks-Research-Video Art Diyarbakır-space)


Eldem Sanat Alanı (2019-…, visual arts, Eskişehir – space)

Fırın (2019-…,visual arts, Eskişehir – space)


Hatay Performans Kolektifi (2013-… Performance-Hatay-mobile)


A Corner in The World* (Performing Arts- Istanbul-Izmir-mobile)

Altı Aylık (2006-2010-Istanbul)

Artık Mekan (2008-2010-Istanbul)

Atıl Kunst (2006-2013- Visual Arts-Collective Artist Group-Istanbul)

Artık İşler (2007- video-research-Istanbul)

Avto (2017-… Research-Visual Arts-Istanbul-space)

Bandrolsüz (2011-… Art Publication-Istanbul-project based)

BAS (2005-… Art Publication- Istanbul- space)

Birbuçuk (2017-…Research-talk-publication-Istanbul)

Body in Perform (2017-… Performance-Istanbul)

Caravansarai (2010-2013 Artist Collective-had space )

Collective Çukurcuma (2015-…, curatorial, Istanbul, San Francisco and London)

ÇokAyaklılar (Multi-leggeds) (2017-… Performance-Istanbul-project based)

Dadans (2008-… dance, performance, İstanbul)

Dramaqueer Sanat Kolektifi (2016-… Visual Arts-Performance- Istanbul-project based)

Demo Lab (2018-… Photography-Video-Istanbul-space)

Fail Books (2017-… Art Publication-Istanbul-space)

Geniş Açı Proje Ofisi (2007-… Photography-workshop-talk-projects-Istanbul-project based)

Hallederiz İnş. Kooperatifi  (2016-…Visual Arts- Istanbul-project based)

Hayaka Artı (2005-2015-Visual Arts- Istanbul-had space)

Hah!* (2016-…Visual Arts-Istanbul-had space-project based)


Hafriyat (1996-2011-Visual Arts-Istanbul-had space)

Halka Sanat (2011-… Visual Arts-AIR- Istanbul-space)

Hazavuzu (2005-… Music-Performance-Istanbul-project based)

Her Hal (2017-… Interdisciplinary dialogue Art-Talks- Istanbul-mobile)

Kaba Hat (2011-…Visual Arts-AIR- Istanbul-mobile-project based)

Kadınlar Rüyalar Ejderhalar* (2015-…Visual Arts-Collective Artist Group-Istanbul-project based)

Kompozit Art Collective (2019-…Visual Arts-City-Architecture-Istanbul)

Koli Art Space (2021-… visual arts, queer-İstanbul-space)

Köşe* (2014-2015-performing arts- Istanbul- space)

MARS (2010-… Artist run space- Istanbul-space)

Mtaär (2009-2010 – Collective Artist Group- Visual Arts-Istanbul-project based)

Noks* (2017-… Visual Arts-Artist Run Space-Istanbul-space)

Oda Projesi (2000-… Visual arts-Istanbul)

Oddviz (2016-… Collective Artist Group- Digital Arts-Istanbul-project based)

Oj (2016-2018-Collective Space-Visual Arts-Istanbul-space)

Onagöre (2018-… Visual Art-Graphic Design-Istanbul-project based)

Pasaj, 2014 Oct. – 2017 March

Pasaj* (2010-…Visual Arts-Talks- Local residents-Istanbul-space)

Performistanbul (2016-… Performance-Istanbul-space)

PiST/// (2011-… Publication-Visual Arts-Istanbul- space)

Proje Odası (2017-… Print-design-artist run space-Istanbul-space)

Poşe (2018-… Open Space-Istanbul-space)

Recollective* (2014-2018-Photography- Istanbul-project based)

Sanatorium (was a collective artist group- had space- Visual Arts-Istanbul)

Sürrealist Eylem Türkiye/ Periferi Kolektif (2004-2011-Visual Arts-Istanbul-project based)

Tasarım Bakkalı* (2015-… Visual Arts-Istanbul-space)

Toz* (2015-2016- Visual Arts-Artist Run Space-Istanbul-was space)

Yoğunluk (2013-… Architecture-Visual Arts- Collective Artist Group-Istanbul-project based-space)

Videoist (2003-… Video Art- Istanbul)

Taşeron (2016-…Visual Arts-Istanbul- project based)

216* (2009-2011-Visual Arts-Collective Artist Group-Istanbul-project based)

5533 (2007-… Video Art- Artist Run Space- Istanbul-space)


Aperion Collective (2018-… Music-Performance- Izmir-mobile-project based)

Açık Stüdyo (2016-… performing arts- Izmir-space)

Büyük Siyah Kapı* (2018-… Photography-Visual Arts-Izmir-space)

Carbon Collective (2015-… Art-Design-Fanzine- Izmir-Mersin-Adana-Bodrum)

Dahili Bellek* (2019-… research-Izmir-space-Karantina-)

Darağaç* (2016-… visual arts-Izmir-space)

Geçici Müdahale Platformu* (2013-2014-Art-Design-Architecture-City Culture- Izmir)

IO* (2012-2015-Visual Arts- Izmir- had space)

K2* (2003-… Visual Arts-was a collective artist group-Izmir-space)

Photo by: Monitor (Instagram: @monitorizmir)

Karantina* (2019-…. space for 3 different art initiatives as follows Dahili Bellek, Kendine Ait Bir Oda, 6x6x6)

Kendine Ait Bir Oda* (2014-… visual arts- Izmir-mobile & space –Karantina-)

Karton Kitap* (2014-… artist publications-Izmir-project based)

Kara Pembe Karşı Sanat Kolektifi (2013-… LGBTI, Activism-Arts-Izmir-Istanbul)

Lemma Space (2018-… Digital art- art & technology- Izmir)

Maquis Project* (2013-2016-Artist in Residence Program-Izmir- had space)

Monitor* (2018-… video art-Izmir-mobile)

Nomad Mind* (2012-… city-visualarts-architecture-graphic design-Izmir)

No.238* (2019-… Photography-Izmir-space)

Shelter (2017-… Artist-run space-Visual Arts-Izmir-space)

Urban Tank (2013-… trans-diciplinary collective- City and architecture-Izmir-mobile-project based)

Xurban_collective (2000-2012-Collective Artist Group- İzmir-New York-project based)

Yıldız Çintay* (2016-… Collective Artist Group-Izmir-project based)

6x6x6* (2018-… Visual Arts-Research-Walk-Izmir-mobile & space –Karantina-)

3.dalga bağımsız sanat inisiyatifi (Visual Arts-İzmir- had space-project based)


Mardin’de Çağdaş Sanat Konuşmaları (2016-2018, Art Talks- Mardin-mobile)

Mişar Art (Mardin’de Çağdaş Sanat Konuşmaları) (2018-…, art talks – Mardin -mobile)

Merkezkaç Sanat Kolektifi (2016-… Art Talks- Mardin-mobile)

13 metrekare (2017-… Visual Arts-Workshops-Talks- Mardin-space)


Carbon Collective (2015-… Art-Design- Izmir-Mersin-Adana-Bodrum- mobile)

Mersin Sanat Kolektifi (2011-… Visual Arts-Art Talks- Mersin-mobile-project based)