Non-registered Art Communities is a project supported by Tandem Turkey* in collaboration with Hayy Open Space (TR), Yıldız Çintay Art Group (TR), Va Space (IR), and Kaarnamaa (IR). The project focuses on discussions and research about collective working and non-registered art organizations; such as art initiatives, collectives, and artist-run spaces through research, seminars, workshops and roundtable talks.

Non-registered Art Communities focuses on the art and culture of independent collectives and managers, deactivated collectives, and non-registered artist run groups. Due to the current political and economic status of both countries, budget cuts in certain areas related to independent project spaces, and the power of the art market in the region, these events aim to not only empower independent communities by creating platforms for discussion, but to also create a common ground for inspiring potential collective work, for supporting one another in future, sharing resources, and learning about varied approaches to the current circumstances.

Program at Hayy Open Space:

Survival Kit for Artists // seminars & workshops

13 Jan. , Sunday

  • How to write and manage a project: The process of writing, key points, budget and time management.
  • Artist Residency Programs and Fund Applications: Resources, applications, needs, key points.

10 Feb., Sunday

  • Artists and Art-Workers Rights: Actors and roles in the art scene, connection, communication between actors and rights, example cases.
  • The practical presentation guide of the artist: Portfolio, artist statement, exhibition preparation and other documents.
  • Exhibition Design and Production: Key points of exhibition and space design according to the artworks, makers and art production.

23. Feb. Saturday

  • Communication in the art field: Press releases, online and offline presentation tools, using online tools for communication.


  • Artists Protests: Reaction and action of the artists in the world as social activism.


Rountable talks:

How to work collectively?

The history of collective working is different in Turkey and Iran, even if these two cultures have similar roots, both the past and the process differs. The partners of the projects bring artists, initiatives, and collectives together to discuss the past and future of collective working, the possibilities and difficulties, as well as the financial and physical conditions as non-registered art organizations. While focusing on the topic, the project aims to share experience and learn from one another as well as to find common paths on which to move forward. While in Isfahan, the art community will discuss the possibilities and ways of working together and in Izmir they will discuss how to move forward together in terms of the financial and physical needs of the non-profit organisations.

The seminars & workshops held public, and roundtable talks held semi-public with several collectives and artists. The process and outcomes of the project will then be available on the websites and blogs of Hayy Open Space, Yıldız Çintay, Va Space, and Kaarnamaa.


CONTEMPORARY ART SCENE IN IZMIR, Nursaç Sargon (Monitor, Dahili Bellek-İzmir)


ON SPACE EXPERIENCES, Emre Yıldız (Nomad Mind- İzmir)


*This collaboration is supported by Tandem Turkey programme. Tandem Turkey is an initiative developed by the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam) and MitOst (Berlin) in collaboration with Anadolu Kültür (Istanbul).