After a long break from physical events during the pandemic, Hayy Open Space reopens to visitors with audiopicture [sesliresim], a part of SENKRON project. Including short video works available to view at the space, workshops, and online artist talks, the event will take place between April 20 – May 30.

A quarantine collaboration between artist Metehan Özcan, who uses archival content such as found photographs and documents for his work, and designer, artist, and academic Umut Altıntaş, audiopicture is defined by its creators as: “We are looking into how we remember the city via our experiences and collections, studying the possibilities of sound activating image.”

Metehan Özcan received a BA from Bilkent University’s Department of Interior Architecture and an MA from Bilgi University’s Visual Communication Design Program. He is continuing his studies at Dokuz Eylül University’s Proficiency in Arts program and teaches part-time at various universities. Özcan is largely interested in modernist interior design and communications in Turkey.

Sesliresim/Audiopicture by Metehan Özcan & Umut Altıntaş from Umut Altıntaş on Vimeo.

A graphic designer, artist, and academic, Umut Altıntaş works on conceptual approaches in book design and typographical forms of expression. Since 2008, he has been working as a designer independently with notable art institutions and creatives in the cultural field. Along with his design career, Altıntaş creates curatorial projects and participates in national and international exhibitions to be able to enhance the permeability between art and design. He participated in various professional group exhibitions and held two solo shows. He publishes regularly on print and online media on design culture. Altıntaş teaches full time at Yaşar University’s Department of Graphic Design while continuing his independent art and design projects.

audiopicture is on view between April 20 – May 30, 2021, Thursdays and Fridays, 12:00–18:00.