KAIR: Jan Durina & Ezgi Yakın

In collaboration with KAIR *Košice Artist in Residency program, Jan Durina from Slovakia will be at Hayy Open Space between 25 October and 26 December 2019.

Jan Durina works on photography, performance and music. He studied media and photography in Slovakia and Poland. He held exhibitions in France, Berlin, Italy and Poland. Working interdisciplinary, the artist reflects the theme of loneliness, loss, boundary between nature and body and reflects it to her art. Jan Durina works and lives in Berlin.

Within the scope of the program, Jan Durina artist’s speech will take place on Friday, November 15, 2019 at 18.00.
On December 19-25, the exhibition will be held at Hayy Open Space, which includes the output of the artist’s production in Izmir and Hayy.

In collaboration with KAIR, Ezgi Yakın an artist from Izmir was a guest in Košice from September till November. Between 29 October- 4 November, her solo exhibition Juncture is at Tabacka in Košice.

Ezgi Yakın creates paintings, sculptures and installations in her works. In his works, the space in the humor strengthens the effect of the structure created by shapes and lines. Like our relationship with nature and the environment, the artist traces and analyzes the forms of the elements of nature and its physical environment. The image world created by Yakın comes out of the process itself, interacts with the collective subconscious and examines the elements of the self.
Yakın graduated from the Painting Department of Dokuz Eylül University and continues to work as a research assistant.


*KAIR is an international residency program that welcomes artists from all over the world who adopt different disciplines and expressions. K.A.I.R. In particular, it focuses on creating international collaborations and art organizations between Slovak artists and artists from other countries. Since 2011, it has provided artists with the opportunity to work in Košice’s inspiring singular cultural environment to implement their projects, to collaborate in an active local art environment and to present themselves in local and national context. K.A.I.R Košice Artist in Residence also provides collaborations and project partnerships for Slovak artists to travel to other guest programs.

The residency is supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council. The residency within the project K.A.I.R. Košice Artist in Residence is also supported by Creative Industry Košice. The residency is organised in cooperation with Hayy Open Space.