Jan Durina: HASARSIZ

Jan Durina: HASARSIZ

December 19-25, 2019

Hayy Açık Alan presents the exhibition Hasarsız by Jan Durina is a resident artist at Hayy Open Space in collaboration with KAIR* Kosice Artist in Residency program.

Jan Durina, who spent two months in Izmir within the scope of his residency which started on 25 October, presents Hasarsız with his works consisting of photography, video and installations inspired by Kemeraltı where Hayy Open Space is located and nature around İzmir and the bay “Körfez”.

The exhibition welcomes the audience with the jacket, which created by collecting materials from the stores and manufacturers, and also accessories in Kemeraltı. On the way to the upper floor to the fantastic world of Jan Durina, a creature from his world invites the audience to the country of pain from the clouds of unspoken mind. On the flag of the Country of Pain, its citizens, residents are attractive and different, has unreal forms, details and they show a little demonic act. Jan, who noticed the flags in many places in Izmir and seen photos of Atatürk everywhere, throws a dark and cynical lord that makes this fantastic world wonder like the indigenous creatures of the country. The leader of this fantastic country, which he calls Lord of the Country of Pain, is perhaps on the decline. From the wall to the floor written a line by Slyvia Plath “in the spell of the superior”. inspires Jan Durina. Jan also considers this statement as a political stance.

The fact that the Turkish version of his name is “can / life”, and that the word “Jan” means “pain” in Kurdish, as learned from the neighbour of Hayy, Na Kitapevi, leads to the shaping of the Hasarsız exhibition for Jan Durina. “We are all undamaged/ hasarsız beings in the Country of Pain, and this fantastic country, this story is the story of everyone, the people of this era,” he says.

Lastly, the exhibition includes a video of Jan Durina’s project Ephemeral Harms on Balcova and Karsiyaka ferry for the Nebulae part.

Jan Durina; He studied media and photography in Slovakia and Poland. He held exhibitions in France, Berlin, Italy and Poland. Working interdisciplinary, the artist deals with the theme of loneliness, loss, the boundary between nature and body. Jan Durina lives and works in Berlin.

Hasarsız, can be seen at Hayy Open Space every day between December 19-25 and between 13.00-19.00.

  • This program by KAIR and Hayy Open Space was supported by the public fund of the Ministry of Culture of Slovakia. 
  •  We would like to thank SAHA Association for the support of Hayy Açık Alan, Alev Çağlı, Ali Kanal and Hande Bozbıyık, K2 Contemporary Art Center and Ali Kemal Erten for their contributions to the neighbours of Piyaleoğlu Inn.